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Barbecue Grill Review was started by the grumpy grill guy himself as a way of finding a new hobby during retirement. He soon gathered a team of grill enthusiasts to help him put the site together.

Barbecue Grill

Who's the grumpy grill guy?

I’m an old timer who retired, and basically, my mrs. didn’t want me indoors too much.

Over a couple of years, I got pretty good at mastering a grill, and decided to share my knowledge with others who are just getting started.

our mission

Here at Barbecue Grill Review, we share the grumpy grill guy’s and our experience with our favorite recipes, guides on how to get started, and review some of the best grills out there.

We aim to provide you with the best guides to help you become a master at the barbecue.

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grumpy grill guy

Phil Johnson

Founder and Grumpy Grill Guy

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