Unless you’re a hardcore survivalist or Fred Flintstone, the days of spearing meat on a tree branch to cook it are long past. The ultimate tool for tasty kabobs and other BBQ favorites is a skewer.

Take it from me—there’s more to picking one than “sharp, pointy metal stick.” I review three of the best grill skewers in 2020 and tell you how to choose your own.

If you’re in a rush to get cooking, here’s my selection of the best BBQ skewers:

Grill Skewers 101

A grill skewer is the modern-day, mass-produced equivalent of the meat-branch deal I mentioned earlier.

To sum it up, they’re pointed sticks made of either wood or metal. You stick on your meats or veggies of choice, set them on the grill, and enjoy.

I’ll answer a couple of questions you may have about these BBQ accessories here.

Can You Use Wooden Skewers on The Grill?

Yes, you can opt for wooden skewers with one condition: they need to be wet. Otherwise, you’ll end up with meat seasoned with splinters and tinder.

Ensure that you soak your skewers for about an hour. This trick should prevent them from burning up when you put your kebabs on the fire.

What Do You Use to Clean Grilling Skewers?

Clean-up will depend on the model you’ve purchased. Standard soap and water will work for most types.

What’s the Right Grill Temperature for Barbecue Skewers?

The majority of metal skewers should be able to resist high heats. If you buy these types, they should be rated to withstand high heats—for instance, steel only melts at 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIY: How to Make Kabab Skewers?

I don’t want to sound like a barbecue snob, but this is one of those accessories that are best purchased. Unless you can work with metal or wood professionally, I wouldn’t advise it.

Professionally made kabab skewers have been created specifically to stand the heat of the grill when cooking. They offer features like a weaved handle and ensure even cooking of all your delicious meat, chicken, and vegetables. 

The last thing you want at a family barbecue is to get heat from a drunk cousin because his shrimp isn’t cooked evenly! It easy enough to to get your hands on skewers, Amazon has skewer sets you can pick up cheaply.


How to Choose the Best Grill Skewer

If you think there’s nothing to know before buying the best grill skewer, I suggest you take a moment.

Seriously—I might be a grump, but I wouldn’t mislead you about anything grill-related.

These are factors you should keep in mind while shopping:

  • Type.
  • Number of tines.
  • Material.
  • Sharpness.
  • Length.
  • Thickness or width.
  • Handle.
  • Shape.
  • Extras.


Much like other BBQ essentials like cutlery and plates, grill skewers are either reusable or disposable. The best grill skewer for you will depend on how often you’ll need them.

If kabobs are frequently on the menu, you’ll want to have these utensils handy. If you need them for a one-time special occasion, disposable ones might be better.

Wooden skewers can also make for an attractive serving method. After all, if you cook with a metal skewer, you’ll be waiting a long time for it to cool down.

Number of Tines

Yes, there are dual or even triple-tined models. These are more convenient if efficiency is your watchword when you have lots of hungry guests.


The throwaway varieties are going to be wood. If you pick reusable ones, they’re going to be metal. Look for metals that are rust-resistant and can tolerate high temperatures without warping—such as stainless steel.

Another perk of quality metals is that they’re often dishwasher-safe. That’s less time spent on my least-favorite part of grilling: clean-up.


You want your skewers sharp and pointy, like your knives. You shouldn’t have to pre-spear your meat beforehand.


The best grill skewer should be a good fit for your existing grill. If there’s a mismatch, you won’t be able to get the most of your kabobs—like if half the skewer is hanging out.

Thickness or Width

If you prefer your meat cut into small pieces, a sword-sized skewer won’t work. Make sure you think about what sort of kabobs you like to prepare beforehand.


The best grill skewers usually have handles, so that you’re not playing slip-and-slide when you add marinated meat to them. The handle also helps with rotating the skewer on the grill and grabbing on to slide the kabobs off if you don’t like to eat it on the stick.


This one might surprise you—some models are curved for ease of serving. They can be a little awkward to add meat to, though.


How many skewers do you get in the pack? Do they come with anything else useful, such as a rack or storage container?

The Best Grill Skewers: My Top 5 Picks

Now that you, future kabob master, have all the facts let’s get to the good part. I’ve rounded up five of the best grill skewers for you to choose from.

Our Overview

These disposable bamboo skewers come in a pack of 100. They come in lengths from six inches to 30 inches, which should suit grills of all sizes.

Although they’re wooden, these grill skewers are sturdy with a thick diameter of 0.16 inches. That might not sound like much, but that makes them less likely to snap under pressure. Heavy-handed grillers such as yours truly will appreciate that.

You may find yourself surprised by the number of skewers in the package. Some users report receiving more or fewer than 100.


  • Wide range of lengths.
  • Large quantity.
  • Smooth and splinter-free.


  • Some buyers report the package arriving with more or less than 100 skewers.

Our Overview

BearMoo presents this package of six reusable, 17-inch skewers. The length should suffice to leave the end sticking out to turn as needed on larger grills. The ergonomic looped handle allows you to hold tight as you prepare your kabobs.

They’re FDA-compliant and made with premium stainless steel. The flat, wide blade is ideal for big chunks of meat and should hold everything in place as you rotate it. Be warned: this same feature could be a con if you prefer smaller pieces on your kabobs.

Your purchase includes a fabric storage pouch to keep all your skewers in one place.

Those of you who prefer to grill smaller items may be disappointed as these skewers are quite wide.


  • Storage pouch included.
  • Flat wedge blade to hold kabobs in place.
  • Generous length.


  • Extremely wide.

Our Overview

Unicook offers an all-in-one package for committed kabob enthusiasts. You receive six 13-inch stainless steel skewers, a foldable rack, and 50 bamboo skewers.

The rack is particularly helpful, as it’s fitted to the length of the skewers with indents for each. You won’t have to worry about the meat touching the heat. The bamboo skewers are 12.5 inches, meaning you should be able to use them on the rack too.

Once you’re done, the rack folds up for easy storage. Unfortunately, the hinges can be somewhat challenging to clean.


  • Rack and bamboo skewers included.
  • Food-grade stainless steel.
  • Foldable rack.


  • Foldable rack is difficult to clean.

Our Overview

CMYK’s skewers are 13 inches long and come as a pack of six. These are the best grill skewers for grillers who love innovative accessories.

There are two tines to keep your meat and veg in place without sliding off. You get a built-in slider so you can take the cooked food off without using the old fork-or-fingers method. The looped handle allows for a firm grip when you add—and remove—your kabobs.

As the CMYK skewers are stainless steel, they’re simple to clean. You can do it the old-fashioned way or pop them in the dishwasher.

The length may be a disadvantage to some of you. If you have a king-size grill, these might come up short—literally.


  • Two tines for more meat with less length.
  • Non-slip design.
  • Slider for touch-free serving.


  • Shorter than other models.

Our Overview

If the standard sharp stick design isn’t doing it for you, these curved grill skewers will entice you. They’re worth considering if you prefer grilling smaller-sized cuts of meat.

They have an eight-inch diameter which should fit on most standard-sized plates. You have a total of 16 inches worth of space to work with. As the coating is non-stick, you won’t end up with stuck kabobs if you overcook them—which can happen to anyone.

If you’re factoring aesthetics into the best grill skewer for you, the Outset kit might be for you.

You might find food is somewhat challenging to remove due to the curve, though.


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Non-stick.
  • Great for smaller cuts of meat or little veggies.


  • Curve can make it slightly difficult to remove food.

Make a Point with the Best Grill Skewer!

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There’s more to buying the best grill skewer than you might have thought. I hope my guide has been informative, and you found an option that fits your needs.

Remember to visualize what sort of meats (or fish, or vegetables) you like to add to your kabobs. That will play the biggest role in selecting the perfect models for you.



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