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Meet The Grumpy Grill Guy

Hi I’m The Grumpy Grill Guy

I’m an old timer who retired and basically, my Mrs didn’t want me indoors too much.

So, I had to get out the house and as I’m not the green-fingered kind, there was only one sensible thing to do in the yard: BARBECUE!

Meat. Fire. Yum.

Over a couple of years I got pretty good at mastering a grill and decided to share my knowledge with other old men who were being prodded to get outside. 

Luckily, my wife has let me back in the house to put this site together. 

Here at Barbecue Grill Review I share my experience with my favorite recipes, guides on how to get started as well as review some of the best barbecues and grills out there. 


grumpy grill guy

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